Hawaii is on my mind!
I'm thinking about moving to Hawaii!
What's like living in Hawaii? So many questions . . .
What are the costs? Can I find work? How about a house?

Right now, dispel all those myths about the high cost of living in Hawaii!

It's more about where in the awesome State of Hawaii
you would like to live. Some of the most beautiful
parts of the State have the lowest cost of living!
AFFORDABLE PARADISE, The Secrets of an Affordable Life in Hawaii
This is the 4th Edition, available in print or eBook versions!

More Power To You!
A Classic! 
Not just another book on how to buy cars!
This one is a cult-classic, written by a who guy from inside the game has seen too many women routinely victimized in this business. He engaged the services of six women from all walks of life to edit the manuscript and to make this book speak to women about their needs. This will change forever the way you think about all of your auto-related dealings.
Coverage includes buying, maintaining, insuring, selling, and much more! This book is for those women who either cannot or will not spend a huge portion of their incomes on transportation.
You owe it to yourself to check this one out! You'll learn how you can drive the car of your dreams for less than the cost of a new econo-car! You'll discover why buying a used car is always the better bargain, and you'll learn how to easily find one that's as good as new!
This book was written and published 20 years ago, so some of the info specific to various cars is obsolete. The Big Deal here is that ALL of the philosophical info, and all of the strategic survival skills needed to play in the Auto Dealer arena are as relevant today as they were back then, maybe even moreso. From the car dealer's standpoint, the game remains the same. Only the technology and under-handed techniques have been more highly polished to the buyer's distinct disadvange. And yes, women are very much still targets for the worst of it. Most car salesmenjust assume that women know little about the game they're in, so anything goes. In general, car dealers and salesmen (and women!) deserve all the reputation they have made for themselves.
A caveat: If you are are perfectly happy working with car dealers and you feel that you're getting
a fair shake, or if you can afford to just buy a new car every few years, this book is probably not for you!
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