A Review of

The Modern Homestead Manual

Excerpts from a review in Backwoods Home Magazine:

"It's seldom I get excited about a book, but I'm excited about this one. Skip Thomsen and his wife, Cat Freshwater, have produced what I believe to be the best homesteading manual in years. It's not pie-in-the-sky stuff, but straight talk about the difficulties, as well as the rewards, of moving to the country and becoming self-reliant. Too many people who have sought to go back to the land have been bushwhacked by the things many back-to-the-land books never talk about, such as how to make a living so you can stay in the country. This book talks about them and tells you how to deal with them. The Modern Homestead Manual does not just provide good information, but also gives you the philosophy you'll need to succeed in the country. Thomsen and Freshwater have lived what they write. The book is the result of 15 years of actually doing it, solving the problems as they presented themselves, and in the end, succeeding and loving it. If you want to significantly increase your chances of success when you move to the country, or if you want to take a fresh look at what you are currently doing in the country, this book will be a sound investment in your future."

Dave Duffy, publisher

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